Cons to Buying 4G Phones?

Let’s be perfectly honest, 4G phones are great!

4G phones are super fast, they come packed with tons of smartphone features and they’re cool.

No matter how great these 4G phones may be with their lightning fast speeds, there are a few cons to buying a 4G phone.

When determining the pros and cons of cell phones, buyers rarely look into the cons of buying cell phones.

Evaluating these 4g smartphone cons is very important in determining to buy the best smartphone for your needs.

Pros and Cons of Cell Phones?

The first con to buying a 4g smartphone  is  the actual cost of buying the cell phone.  Pricing is probably the most important factor when buying a new 4G phone.  Although the prices for 4G phones tend to drop whenever a newer smartphone model is released, most 4G smartphone price range start between $200 to $300.

4G smartphone prices are also beginning to rise higher as these hi-tech devices begin to have more smartphone features accessible and the demand for these phones to do more increases.

Cell phones starting off at $300 is a hefty price tag considering smartphones not only require a 2year contract with most wireless providers but they also require data price plans starting at $30 monthly.

The next con to consider when purchasing your new 4G phone is the actual smartphone data plans.  Like we stated earlier, the average smartphone data plan starts off at $30 each month and every month.

The kicker with 4G smartphone data plans is that most companies like Verizon and AT&T no longer offer unlimited data their data plans being at only 2GB of data and lower.

So you will need to keep an eye on your data usage or suffer opening a high cell phone bill.  Data overages can be as high as $10 to $20 for each additional GB in data overages.

The final con you will want to consider before buying a 4G phone is dealing with the infamously short battery life these smartphones offer.

Smartphone’s traditionally offer short battery life due to the nature of what these devices are used for.  Using a 4G smartphone on a strong 4G LTE network is a guaranteed battery killer.

The silver lining to the short battery life is that some of the latest 4G LTE phones allow you to turn the LTE off when you’re not using it to preserve battery life, although this defeats the reason for purchasing a 4G device.

We are aware there are additional cons to buying 4G phones but we thought these should be the first to consider before making your next smartphone purchase.

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